Our Ministry

Our mission is to spread the truth of God’s Greatest Gift, His loving
plan to save humanity, to the world.

Our Story

Learn why and how our ministry began.

God's Plan: His Greatest Gift!

We began our ministry with the purpose of developing an evangelism program
for supporting small groups to share the gospel of truth and salvation in a
structure, easy to understand and systematic approach.

Our ministry begins

Our ministry began in 2018 when a few Christian believers were interested in having a deeper and more comprehensive study of the Bible with Ricardo Casado, after he concluded a small group Christian stewardship program held in an evangelical home owned by one of the members.
As part of this new study group teaching material,

God's Plan: His Greatest Gift was developed.

Our first Small Group

The first small study group was held in the conference room of a construction company. After several successful small groups study programs completed, on July 17, 2018 we launched and distributed our first 4,000 copies God’s Plan: His Greatest Gift in Spanish.

Eighteen months later, the program is now in 6 languages and
currently being translated to new languages.

Our purpose is to spread the gospel

Since our main purpose is to spread the gospel, our ministry provides participants the Student Manual at a very low cost, while also training and providing each leader with the tools and keynote presentations needed to truthfully teach others about God’s Greatest Gift, his plan to save humanity.
Today, more than 3,000 leaders all over the world have been trained, blessed and revived by the Word of God.

Our Mission

To spread the truth of God’s Greatest Gift, His
loving plan to save humanity, to the world.

We believe

We believe in the exponential power of God’s
word, the work of his Holy Spirit and His good
work in us.

The gospel was meant to be shared among family and friends. The seed on
the good soil can grow and produce 100x as much as was scattered.
Mathew 13:8

The Team

We are heart loving Christians with a passion
to preach the Gospel of truth to world.


Ricardo Casado


Lina Garrido


Ann Vasquez


Enriquez González



Jorge Edgar Pérez


Hazel Pérez


Raysa Segura


Andry Quezada


Henry Germosén​


Emanuel Galván


Emanuel Pérez


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reach the world. We are always looking for translation collaboration.

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