Share God's Greatest Gift

Get the knowledge and tools you need to run a small group and
share and spread the gospel among family and friends.

Currently in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Haitian Creole.

What is it?

Is a God given tool to preach the gospel around the world.

God's Plan: His Greatest Gift!

is a modern systematic discipleship program that provides a study manual for
small group members and a set of resources and keynotes for the leader.

How it Works

We follow a 4 Step process for exponential growth.

Vision Roadmap

We believe in exponential growth and spreading of the gospel by
fostering leadership among small group members.

Main Benefits

God’s Plan: His Greatest Gift program provides
small groups with 5 key benefits

Comprehensive view of God's Plan

Provides a comprehensive view of God’s Plan for saving humanity.

Knowledge and tools for the Leader

Knowledge and tools leaders need to develop new leaders and to share the gospel.

Interactive learning experience

Interactive learning experience that produces leadership and testimony among its members.

Easy to read for the Student

Provides the student with an easy to read, question-based, interactive learning experience.

Leader Development Model

Promotes exponential growth and spreading the gospel by developing leadership among its members.


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